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1.       So it’s not an Aerosol based system then?

NO! Aerosols contain things like Butane and Propane as propellants, they also contain things like VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds) and Artificial fragrances. VOC’s have been linked to numerous medical conditions like Headache’s, Diarrhoea, Earache and vomiting. Young Children and The Elderly are especially at risk due to their more sensitive respiratory systems. In actual fact they are banned by numerous NHS trusts in the UK and Medical institutions in the US.

Signatures products all use a “Dry Vapour”. We impregnate our consumables with a measure of 100% Natural Aromatherapy Oil, we use No Harsh Chemicals and No Aerosols. All this allows us to go into more “Sensitive areas” than traditional air fresheners as well as covering the traditional locations.

2.       I’ve got a really smelly Toilet! Can you help?

Not an uncommon problem I’m afraid, Whereas most traditional Air Fresheners use Aerosols so therefore have the same strength regardless of fragrance chosen, Signature have a select few of our fragrances which are manufactured to combat malodour. Our “Encapsulating Oils” are stronger in smell and also last longer which means that any areas that you are suffering with are easily transformed.

3.       How do I dispose of the Consumables?

Well unlike our rivals who all use either aerosol or gel based air fresheners we don’t have a problem when it comes to disposal, there is no expensive “Hazardous Waste” crate like you legally are obliged to use to dispose of Aerosols, All of our consumables are manufactured from 60% recycled material and after 30 days of use they are classified as bio-degradable and can simply be placed into your paper recycling scheme.

4.       What size areas does the unit cover?

Well the units will cover virtually any size area, it’s just a case of picking the right unit and right amount! Unlike other Air Freshener companies we have 7 completely different delivery methods so we should be able to find something that works!

Our three most popular units will do:-

Vaparoma – 1000 Cubic Feet (Around 10/12 feet around the unit)

Suparoma – 5000 Cubic Feet (Around 20 feet around the unit in a square room, around 30 feet in a corridor)

Restaroma – 5000 Cubic Feet (As this unit is designed to be used in quick bursts rather than be left on it is difficult to give a rough guide, we would recommend a room that is 20 foot x 20 foot would be fragranced in under 10 minutes)

5.       How long do the consumables last for?

Each consumable has a different life span, the times below are also only valid if used exactly as instructed.

Discs – On a standard setting (1 min on, 10 mins off) located in a room that is between 20 and 22 degrees the disc will last for between 28 and 32 days dependant on fragrance chosen.

Cubes – On a standard setting (2 min on, 10 mins off) and with a external timer applied so that the unit only works for 16 hours a day, located in a room that is between 20 and 22 degrees the cubes will last between 85 and 95 days dependant on fragrance chosen.

Cartridges – If the Restaroma is only used for between 55 and 65 mins per day, with the machine rested every 10 mins, and after each application the cartridge is removed and has its lid replaced it will last for 150 hours. Used for 60 mins a day that translates to 150 days of use

Obviously these specific guidelines are difficult to follow consistently, therefore we recommend the “Sniff Test” If you can’t smell it, it needs replacing!

6.       What Colours are the units available in?

Vaparoma – White Plastic and Stainless Steel

Suparoma – White Powder Coated Stainless Steel, Shiny Stainless Steel and Unpainted so you can paint it yourself!

Restaroma – Black Only

Purazone – Shiny Stainless Steel Only

Mini Sacs – Black (Christmas editions are red)

Twister – Black and White

7.       How do I know when the consumables are finished?

They stop smelling!

Not only this but the Discs and Cubes will also go much lighter in colour than fresh ones as they have used all the oil that they are impregnated with!

8.       How are the units powered?

Vaparoma – By a D-Cell battery, on a standard setting this battery will last you over 12 months

Suparoma – This machine must be mains wired

Restaroma – Simply Plug it in and press the power button

Purazone – Simply Plug it in and press the power button

Mini Sacs – These are made to hang. DO NOT place them on a surface as the oil will leave a mark

Twister – Stick them on using the sticky pad. They use natural air flow to work

9.       Can I see and smell the units before buying them?

Of course, in actual fact we highly recommend that you arrange a free demonstration and trial with one of our sales staff who will be able to assist you. Call 01902 678822 to arrange an appointment

10.   Can I make my own fragrance?

Yes! We regularly make fragrances for clients, whether it is a branding exercise, corporate identity or an advertising campaign we have made many weird and wonderful fragrances. Simply contact Brian Chappell on 01902 678822 and he’ll talk you through the process.

11.   How many aromas do you actually supply?

We have 49 available off the shelf for the Vaparoma, 41 for the Suparoma and Purazone and 10 for the Restaroma. We have a back catalogue of 1000’s though so if we don’t stock it, we can either order it in or create it for you (Minimum order applies)

12.   Do you cover Nationwide?

Yes, we have customers from Aberdeen to Truro, and many in-between! Simply give the office a ring on 01902 678822 and they will ask your local Sales Rep to get in touch.

13.   How Do I set the Unit up?

Well we would always recommend that you follow your Salespersons instructions very carefully, they are trained in teaching you the best way to set up your system. However the basic set-up details are as follows.

Vaparoma – This should have the opening on the bottom, with the LED flashing in the top right hand corner as you look at the machine. The machine should be installed no higher than 1.8m off the ground. Remember it is not an aerosol, it doesn’t need to be situated above peoples eye-line! When you have the lid open, make sure that you have a disc in one of the slots, REMEMBER – It is 1 disc per month, the 5 slots are for 5 months supply of discs, if you fill them up your fragrance will still only last one month, it will just be 5 x as strong! The small dial in the top left hand corner, once the lid is raised, is your timer, very gently rotate this so the little black mark is facing at your desired setting. These roughly translate as: -

As you look at a clock

7:00                        =             1min on – 1min off
9:00                        =             1min on – 8min off
On the Line         =             Standard Setting
2:00                        =             1 min on – 30min off

Suparoma – The Suparoma should be installed so that it is a minimum of 2 metres off the ground, If you imagine it sitting above a door frame you will get a good reference for its optimum installation height. The machine should be forward facing with the side plate located on the Right hand side. Remember to leave enough room during installation to open the side panel as you will need to access this to change your settings and consumables. As well as internal timer settings (Refer to instruction sheet contained in the box) most Suparoma’s benefit from being used with an External Timer, these are available free-of-charge with every new order. Signature Recommend that you turn the machine off for at least 8 hours a day using the external timer, this will ensure that your cube life is the full 3months.

Restaroma – The Restaroma is made to be a “Plug and go” machine, you simply need to remove the cartridge, remove the lid off the cartridge, then replace the cartridge with the open end going in first, replace the spring action back plate and its ready! Only use your Restaroma is short 10 min bursts, it is not made to be left on for longer periods of time as this will drastically reduce the life of the cartridge. Once you have finished using the machine remember to remove the cartridge and replace the lid.