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Welcome to Signature Aromas

Bringing together decades of experience in providing air treatment systems using natural oils and the latest environmentally friendly technology, Signature Aromas is the market leader in supplying a unique selection of aromas for everyday situations.

We are a family run business with traditional values of customer service and support. By working with our technical partners in Switzerland and the USA, we have developed the most advanced system of air treatment products using only natural oils, designed to enhance the ambience of any area using natural aromas.

The most popular areas for treatment are in hotels, hospitals, clinics, care homes and public transport but new low cost technology is making air treatment in commercial offices, nurseries, schools and higher education establishments, shops and within large retail stores, commercial offices, public buildings and in the home. In fact, the list of applications which could benefit from natural oil based aromas is almost limitless.


Natural oils are used in many health treatments. It therefore makes perfect sense to use natural oils to generate pleasing aromas in areas which might otherwise be sprayed with chemicals.

We all know how nasty aerosols can taste if you inhale the spray. Now imagine that in a confined area such as a medical treatment room, children’s nursery or care home.

By working with Signature Aromas, you can avoid the harmful damage caused by chemical based aerosols, ozone or commercial air treatment systems by using 100% pure natural oils based aromas.

Signature Aromas are fully approved for use in hospitals, care homes and many more environments where malodours can be a problem More >




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