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Natural Aromas

With the growing weight of evidence that aerosols and chemicals used to counter the effects of malodours can contribute to illness and may aggravate existing repertory and skin conditions, it is not surprising that air fresheners based on natural oils are gaining in popularity.

The use of ozone free systems to encapsulate malodour molecules that cause bad smells using natural oils is well established in hospitals, clinics and care homes. The same systems developed by Signature Aromas are now being used successfully in other sectors, including transport, education, retail premises, commercial and public buildings.
The therapeutic benefits of essential or natural oils used in aromatherapy and other health treatments are well documented. The same natural oils produced from flowers, berries and herbs, are used by Signature Aromas to remove malodours.

The natural oils are hermetically sealed into specially formed membranes that permit the oil to breathe through the surface of the disc as a vapour. The disc and cartridge systems use a special fiber element that is impregnated with the same natural oil blends as the membranes. Both systems rely on convection to carry the vapor quickly wherever air circulates—whether diffused passively or through the use of our battery operated or mains powered delivery systems. The discs are manufactured from 60% recycled material and are biodegradeable after service life.

The Signature Aromas system is effective because of its inherent wide spectrum of odour neutralising capability, combined with its dry vapour, high mobility in air and its ability to penetrate porous surfaces such as walls, wooden furniture, carpeting, floors, and insulation materials to permanently neutralise imbedded odours.

Choosing the right fragrance

Customers please note that these are only guidelines for the aromas. They are 100% natural oils and as such they will vary from area to area .we strongly recommend that our trained sales staff survey the areas with you as different requirements will need different solutions and oils. This survey is completely free of charge with no obligation.

Which Aroma

We are continuously improving our range of fragrances to suit growing trends and customer needs. New additions include Clean Linen, Teatree Oil, Jasmine, Cucumber, Banana, Ylang Ylang, Green Apple and new Coffee aromas. If you don’t see the aromas you want, then simply give us a call and we will do our best to create a custom aromas for you.