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Hospitals and Homes obviously want to create the best possible atmosphere for patients, staff and visitors. Installation of Signature’s Natural Oil Systems will go a long way to improving conditions in all types of situation, from reception to A & E through wards, sluices and side rooms. Our COSHH approved natural oil systems can be tailored to individual customer requirements and problems, encapsulating the molecules causing malodours, without the dangers associated with aerosols or chemicals. No Ozone is used in any of our systems.

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Whether a hospital with a PEAT inspection due, or a home catering for the elderly or infirm, our range of over 49 natural aromas will ensure a pleasant ambiance throughout all areas.

VAPAROMA - Stainless Steel / Pantone Colour For high risk and vulnerable areas
VAPAROMA Reception, wards, nursing stations, bedheads & side rooms
SUPAROMA Reception, corridors, smoking and lounge areas
RESTAROMA (Portable) Incontinence and strong malodour areas
PURAZONE Wards, bedrooms, Lounge, side rooms and all areas where the destruction of airborne viruses and bacteria are a high priority. The UVC TUBES will assist in preventing cross infection and the addition of our natural oil aromas will improve conditions for patients staff and visitors.

Our Healthcare Customers

Walsall Manor Hospital  
Solihul Hospital